Corporate Insurance & Tailored Risk Management Solutions

The EBM team provides clients with professional advice and intelligence on risk transfer and retention, including:

  • Risk profiling
  • Risk retention and transfer
  • Insurance premium reduction strategies
  • Crisis management planning
  • Client advocacy

As brokers, our focus is solely on formulating the most effective risk management strategy for our clients, and sourcing the insurance policies that will facilitate implementation of that strategy.


Risk Profile Review

The first step in our relationship is to undertake a Risk Profile Review. This is a detailed examination of your current insurances, including exclusions and unidentified risks, and will require about two hours of your time.


Premium Reduction Strategies

Once the Risk Profile Review is completed, we will advise you on a range of risk management strategies, determining the most effective, cost-efficient way of dealing with your risks over both the short term and the long term.


We will also prepare a premium reduction strategy examining the ways in which we can reduce the costs associated with risk transfer without exposing you to unwarranted risk.


Insurance Procedure Manual

Presenting your proposed insurance portfolio to insurers based both in Australia and overseas, we will select which are best placed to carry the risks you wish to transfer, and place the policies on your behalf.


The resulting policies will be truly individualised to your needs, as we are opposed to purchasing 'off the shelf' solutions for any Corporate clients. We produce an Insurance Manual for your use in managing and implementing the policies negotiated on your behalf.


Crisis Management Planning

As an additional service we offer Crisis Management Planning, designed specifically for your business. The objective of this plan is to ensure the continuation of your business following any major disruption, and it will be designed and implemented by the two or more Senior Corporate Executives permanently assigned to your account.



In the event of a loss, our job is to manage the claim on your behalf, and work towards the best possible outcome for you. Should there be a dispute with the insurer, EBM acts for you at all times.


If you are involved in a dispute involving another broker and/or insurers and the issue is at a stalemate, we can also step in as your advocate. Our objectivity in the matter is assured and our aim is to mediate an equitable outcome for all parties.


Key Contacts

Specialists in this area include:


Clint Jeuring

Clint Jeuring 

Regional Director - Broking 

email Clint

Christopher Traill


Christopher Traill

Executive Account Manager

email Chris

Richard Jane


Richard Jane

Executive Account Manager

email Richard


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