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Scott Joyce Fund

In 2007, Mosman Park teenager, Scott Joyce was confined to a hospital bed in halo traction with crippling spinal injuries and little hope of ever living a normal life again.


At eighteen years of age Scott was your typical young Aussie lad enjoying life, he loved footy, cricket, surfing, fishing, going out with friends, working as a trade’s assistant, travelling, and all the usual things active young men do. When he took to the field for Mosman Park Football Club in the reserves game on July 21st 2007, all of that suddenly changed for him forever. A tackle tragically left Scott a permanent quadriplegic. The accident left Scott paralysed from the chest down, with limited movement of his arms and hands and no fine motor skills.


Scott spent six months in the trauma and spinal wards of RPH and Shenton Hospitals followed by another five months in the 

quadriplegic centre. The rehabilitation process over the past few years has been gruelling with several medical operations and procedures required; as there are often many unseen major health complications associated with quadriplegia. 


Learning to live independently and do basic tasks with limited capacity, and immense pain on a daily basis has been challenging, however Scott has met every challenge with courage and resilience, always maintaining his keen sense of humour. He has achieved a great deal in the time since his on-field injury; learning how to manage his condition medically and to physically master basic tasks to allow him to live independently; and of huge importance to Scott’s sense of independence was learning how to drive his specially modified car. 


Scott is now giving back to the community in various ways, working with the Paraplegic Benefit Fund as a peer support officer, mentoring other newly spinal cord injured young men at Fiona Stanley Hospital, and also doing presentations as a guest speaker, most recently at his old school Mosman Park Primary! He is also heavily involved in the disabled sports centre and attended the Paralympic training camp in Melbourne. Scott is currently a valued member of the WA State Wheelchair Rugby Team the ‘West Coast Enforcers’ and has played in many of the National Championships and State Rounds across Australia. 


Scott Joyce FundScott is incredibly grateful that it is with the support of the Scott Joyce Trust Appeal Fund that he has been able to achieve many of these goals, not least of all simply being able to experience the dignity of leading an independent lifestyle. Funds to date have gone towards many things including purchasing and modifying a vehicle, disabled driving lessons, specially designed furniture and other household equipment, upgrading Scott’s wheelchairs as his body grows and adjusts, wheelchair parts and tyres, medical equipment, leisure pursuits, quadriplegic sporting equipment, pharmaceutical, chiropractic and other ongoing medical expenses and the like. 


The most recent large purchases have been a new wheelchair and sports wheelchair and a standing frame. This new piece of equipment will enable Scott to get into an upright position for small periods of time to assist with osteoporosis and other ongoing complications associated with quadriplegia. The Trust Fund has served its purpose extremely well however funds are diminishing and will need to be replenished for the next phase of Scott’s life.


Scott is in the process of realising his ultimate dream of having his own home. He is moving down to the Mandurah region and his new home will require modifications and various things to make it liveable for him, newly raised funds will go towards this new stage of his life and development and of course ongoing medical expenses. 


The sad reality is that the real costs of life-time care and equipment for a quadriplegic young male are enormous; and the tragic irony is that had Scott acquired this injury in a road traffic or work accident he would have received millions of dollars in compensation. Over the next ten years and beyond Scott will require an enormous amount of funds just to function and enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures that most of us take for granted.


You can’t place a monetary figure on what Scott has lost, but we can estimate how much it may take for him to enjoy a reasonable quality of life in the decades to come. There are still many challenges ahead for Scott to lead the kind of life that he deserves however with his attitude and our help he is sure to make it.


If you would like to make a difference in this courageous young man’s life you can make a tax deductible donation to the Scott Joyce Appeal Fund. Every donation helps.


Thank you for your kind support.


Scott Joyce Fund 

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