Insurance Broker Code of Practice


EBM Insurance & Risk subscribes to the Insurance Broker Code of Practice.


What is the Insurance Broker Code of Practice?


The Insurance Brokers Code of Practice demonstrates the Australian insurance broking industry's professional commitment to its clients.


The Code applies to the relationship between insurance brokers and their clients. It describes key service standards that clients can expect from brokers, as well as an overview of the complaints and disputes handling process. The Code has been specifically developed by the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) to be a user-friendly and helpful tool for both insurance brokers and their clients.


EBM Insurance & Risk supports and encourages adoption of the Code by all our Brokers. Click here to view a copy of the Code.


The Code Service Standards that apply to EBM are as follows:

  1. We will comply with all relevant law
  2. We will transparently manage any conflicts of interest
  3. We will clearly tell you we do not act for you
  4. We will clearly tell you about the scope of our covered services
  5. We will discharge our duties diligently, competently, fairly and with honesty and integrity
  6. We will clearly tell you how our covered services are paid for before we provide them and answer any questions you have
  7. We will handle any money received in accordance with relevant law and any agreement with you
  8. We will ensure that we and our representatives are competent and adequately trained to provide the relevant services and will maintain this competence
  9. We will respond to catastrophes and disasters in a timely, professional, practical and compassionate manner in conjunction with any industry-wide response
  10. We will ensure that we have an internal complaints and disputes handling process that meets the Code Complaints and Dispute process standards
  11. We will support NIBA in promoting the Code and make information on the Code (including how to make a complaint) and our Covered Services readily available to you
  12. We will not engage in activity or inactivity that is reasonably likely to bring the insurance broking profession into disrepute


How to report a concern


If you have a complaint in relation to EBM’s covered services, please contact us and we will address it with a view of resolving promptly. More information about our complaints and disputes resolution process is available here.


You can refer alleged breaches of the Code to the Insurance Brokers Code Compliance Committee for investigation:



Telephone:                  1800 931 679 (free call within Australia)

Mail                             PO Box 14240


                                    VIC 8001


For more information on how to report a concern, please click here.

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